No question is a silly question...

Here are some of our most common questions answered for you... 

We have never been 4WDing before does this matter?
Some driving on a dirt/off road is recommended before joining us on tour. Each of our tours state how difficult the driving will be. In saying that we will guide and assist you where possible when 4WDriving and you will be following one of our experience drivers.

What type of 4WD do we need to join your tour?

You will need a 4WD that has reasonably good ground clearance and also has a high/low transfer case. All wheel drive only vehicles are not suitable for our tours. 

Does my 4WD need any modifications?

You will need to have a UHF radio fitted for essential communication, a hand held unit is acceptable but please make sure you are able to charge it as required. If your vehicle is in good condition and is not overloaded it is more than adequate. However we do suggest a quality set of springs and shock absorbers for these tours, as well as All Terrain tyres with at least 70% tread.

We also recommend carrying your own basic recovery kit of at least a winch or straps, after market recovery points, Maxx trax, 2 spares and a jack. 


What will happen if we break down while on tour?

We will do our best to get you going again but if we can’t, we will do our best to get you to where your vehicle can be repaired or arrange to have it recovered. We strongly recommend you have top cover with your state motoring association (RACV, NRMA, RACQ etc) and also take out travel insurance. We will not be held responsible for any damages or motor issues that occur on our tours. It clearly states in our T&Cs that you are responsible for your own vehicle and any additional costs. 

How long do we drive each day?
We travel varying distances depending on the road conditions and tour. We usually discuss the day’s events before departure. We aim to be on the road 8.30am each morning and stop for lunch between 12:30pm-1:30pm. We stop at points of interest throughout the day and try to set up camp before sunset.

Do we get much time to ourselves for sightseeing?There is time allocated to explore towns, feature areas, fish, and to take in what the area has to offer. Some places we will stay more than one night.


Are trailers/camper allowed on tours?
It is preferred that you don't but we understand that with a family this can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, we only allow heavy duty off road camper trailers on some of our tours. The terrain of some areas is very rugged and difficult to access/turn with some steep climbs or water crossings to overcome, especially on the Old Telegraph Track and Victorian High Country.  There can be extra surcharges on trailers to cover extra camping costs and additional barge fees. If you would like to bring a camper/trailer please contact us and we can discuss it further.


Are children welcome?
ABSOLUTELY.... We are all about getting the family out exploring together. You are responsible 100% for the safety and care your own children.  Our children and families may also attend some tours

What about pets?

No. Sorry we do not allow any pets on any of our tours.

How do we know what to pack?
When we receive your booking form and deposit, a detailed tour outline with all the information will be sent to you.

Are we camping in caravan parks? 
No, our tours provide a mixture of Campgrounds, National Parks and Bush Camps. You will be required to bring your own form of sleeping equipment whether that be a swag, tent or roof top camper. At most camps there will be toilet or shower facilities and we try our best to supply these options. However sometimes this is not an option.

Is the price set or will be there be extra charges?
There will be extra chargers for any extra-curricular activities you wish to participate in when on tour. These include things like fishing charters, museum tours, boat trips, or any other elected trips or tours all of which are done at your own expense. All the camping costs and National Parks permits, Ferry costs, (main meals in fully catered options) are paid by us on every one of our tours.

What if I fall ill when on a tour?
We are equipped with a UHF radio and a Satellite Telephone to use to contact emergency services/family members if required. We are first aid certified and we carry a first aid kit in case the need arises. As stated in the T&Cs we are not held accountable for any accidents of injuries or costs that occur on tour, so we suggest you make sure your ambulance cover and health insurances are up to date. 

How do I book a tour?
Please proceed to the CONTACT US tab and complete the inquiry form. One of our friendly team will get back to you in the next couple of days... Its as simple as that.. What are you waiting for....