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The age-old question...

What to Pack for an Offroad Adventure?

Packing for a 4WD Offroad Adventure can be a little more complex than your standard Motel/Resort style holidays.

That is why we have put together a little list of recommended items to pack for The Offroad Tradies 4WD Tag-Along Adventure tour.

One of the organisational and packing benefit of joining us is we have taken care of all the cooking, crockery, cutlery, and food requirements.

Therefore, here is the list of what we recommend you should include:

  • Sleeping arrangement (rooftop tent, swag, tent) 

  • Sleeping bag, blankets, Pillows etc – Always a good idea to pack that extra blanket 😊

  • Chair 

  • Jerry can for extra fuel. 


Drinks and Snacks whilst traveling

  • Nuts, chips, popcorn, snack bars and our favourite chocolate and lollies are all good easy options.

  • Fruit & Veggies are welcome, but some limitations apply with border crossings.

  • Drinking Water!! - We work on 5 - 10L per day.


 ** Please note if you have special dietary requirements, it is recommended that you pack some extra food to cater for your needs. We do have the basics if indicated on your booking form.


Towel & toiletries

  • Sunscreen 

  • Mosquito/insect repellent 

  • Personal medical supplies (Panadol, Script Medication, Asma puffer, Epi pen etc)

       On all tours we bring a fully equipped First Aid Kit for emergency use.

  • Environmentally friendly soaps & shampoos 


Clothing and Personal items Inc.

  • sun hat/beanie

  • long pants/shirt

  • closed shoes for walking.

Remember Desert Conditions - Temps can get low in evening. 

We often go by the rule of practical/comfortable over fashionable. 

Over-packing clothes is easily done, and you usually only wear half the stuff you pack - we stick to the minimal basics 



  • Head Touch/Torch

  • Fly net

  • Shovel (small foldable is effiecent

  • Fishing equipment, bait and Licence for NSW For Cape York, Darling River, Desert to Dunes Tours 

  • Bags for rubbish – Ideally Bio gradable

  • Roll or two of toilet paper (you just never know)


And finally but most importantly a sense of adventure, ready to explore this WONDERFUL country

with The Offroad Tradies.

Want to look the part? Why not purchase some Offroad Tradies Official Merchandise? 

Check out our SHOP for all item. Or purchase whilst on tour. 

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